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BUtterfield 8 boasts the best Private Party Rooms in Fairfield County. Whether it is an after-work gathering with co-workers or a late night Birthday Celebration, BUtterfield 8 can accommodate groups of any size and for any occasion. For more information, please contact our events coordinator at 203.504.8123 or

Butterfield 8 Stamford specializes in Corporate Parties & Private parties of any size. The unique layout of Butterfield 8 including 3 fully service Private Party Rooms makes Butterfield 8 the best choice for an event from a Corporate Party to Charity Events and anything in between.  We have teamed up with Stamford Hospital on multiple occasions for our annual Battle for a Cure Breast Cancer Charity Event in October.  Butterfield 8 Stamford prides itself in being flexible and we are always looking for what’s best for the customer and their event.

Part of being the best restaurant in Stamford is being able to accommodate groups when they make a reservation for a corporate event or private party. Boasting the best private party rooms in Stamford, Butterfield 8 can accommodate groups of any size and for any special occasion. The restaurant has experience hosting many events including after-work gatherings, late-night birthday celebrations, holiday parties, and sporting events. Our private party rooms offer ample space for people to eat, drink, and mingle the night away. For smaller cocktail dinner gatherings, we offer special VIP booths that will give you a more intimate experience. No matter what kind of party or event you want to host at Butterfield 8 Stamford, we will work with you to provide you the best option.

Butterfield 8 Stamford also provides multiple catering options for any corporate event or private party. Groups can choose between different food and beverage packages or have Butterfield 8 Stamford customize one that is tailored specifically for your group. Our restaurant will provide party trays and platters with some of the delicious food items on our menu. Whether you want a tray of buffalo wings, stuffed meatballs with mozzarella, or a sandwich platter, we have something that suits everyone’s specific taste.

Make a reservation today for your next private party or corporate event. We take pride in partnering with the great businesses and people in our community.

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